6.4LB Realistic Entity Female Torso Male Double Acupoint Cup

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Sex doll torsos are uniformly shaped, and each one is carefully sculpted to look and feel like, or even sexier than, a real person. The skin feels soft, comfortable, and warm to the touch, and its firm, embossed skin is exactly like a real person, almost perfect. The exquisite details make them full of oily and charming texture, and the details are almost in place, including the abdomen, navel, nipples, waistline, legs, etc. No wonder they can bring the ultimate stimulating experience to many people.

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Product Details:
Material: TPE
Features: Dual channel, bun style, soft bust
Weight: about 6.4LB
Size: Length 300MM, leg width 200MM, bust 500MM, waist 310MM

Features And Functions:
A curvaceous sex torso silhouette to caress and play
The Tsundere Girl Mecha Shiko boasts a seductive frame that you will be compelled to grab, caress, and embrace. Featuring two soft breasts with delightful pink nipples, a sexy belly button, and incredibly inviting anal and vaginal tunnels, this sex toy torso promises a premium experience.

The front of the packaging showcases your tsundere hentai girl wearing minimal clothing, igniting a spark of excitement. Though tsundere girls may appear stubborn at first, they secretly yearn for your touch. The backside of the packaging provides detailed insights into the tsundere torso, thoughtfully designed to satiate your desires.

Uncover new sensations with both anal and vaginal tunnels
After experiencing the fullness of her breasts and curvaceous body, you will undoubtedly be eager to explore her inner sanctums. This high-quality sex toy for men comes equipped with incredibly soft and realistic vaginal and anal tunnels.

REALISTIC 3D INTERNAL TEXTURE – Realistic internal structure with dual textured channels and lots of little rubs for unbelievable excitement when you enter, thus giving you an experience like no other.

The vaginal tunnel features multiple bumps designed to massage and stimulate, while the tighter anal opening promises to grip you firmly, delivering an erotic sensation unlike any other. Embrace the caress of the Rubbing Fleshy Walls and unleash your fantasies.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 35 × 25 × 20 cm


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