Jissbon Fully Automatic Men’s Telescopic Airplane Cup

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This masturbator adopts a simulated design and is made of soft and soft silicone material inside, which is odor-free and skin-friendly. Pause and stretch to switch between 4 modes to stimulate a sense of pleasure. The heat switch activates and wraps the tape warmly. There are countless bumps and folds on the inner wall, and the gorgeous mourning on the opposite side brings great excitement to you. These holes are very soft, so be gentle when tightening. After insertion, you can enjoy the feeling of gently wrapping women. The fit is comfortable and long-lasting, providing intense stimulation and ultimate pleasure.

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Product Details:
Product brand: Jiesbon
Colour: Black
Main materials: ABS, TPE, silicone
Battery capacity: 1000mA
Sports mode: four-frequency traction, one-button burst
Charging time: 1
Working time: 2 hours
Waterproof level: waterproof at night
Noise standard: about 60 decibels
Single machine weight: about 800g

Its features and functions:
[Self-cleaning necessities] The appearance design of this self-cleaning device is scientific, reasonable and ergonomic. It works better with you while protecting your body. Non-toxic, odorless and soft to the touch. With its elasticity and durability, you can use it for a long time.
【Durable】The unique design of this masturbator can fit any size. Regardless of size, the product is tightly wrapped to stimulate every bit of sensation. Therefore, your size will adapt to your styling habits and provide you with long-lasting comfort. It charges quickly, is safe to use, is very long-lasting, and lasts so long that you simply can’t stop. Qualified quality and reusable. Make you put it down.
【Extremely Low Decibel】Although the masturbator is powerful and comprehensive, it achieves a high degree of quietness. No matter what the scene, it can be used perfectly to avoid embarrassment, will not make you anxious due to noise, and provides perfect privacy. Give you low decibels
【Waterproof】This self-cleaner is sensitive and easy to clean. The sensible design makes it easier for you to feel and clean after use, making it safer and more secure. In daily life, there is no problem in contact with water, but it is not recommended to soak it for a long time in case of accidents. However, water leakage generally does not occur, so you can order with peace of mind.
【Tight Packaging and After-Sales Guarantee】Service first, this masturbator is shipped privately to ensure that your privacy will not be leaked. quality assurance. If you have any questions, you can contact us in time and we will speed up the process for you.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 15 cm


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