LETEN Youhuang 2nd Generation Telescopic Gun God

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This Leten Excellent automatic vibrator for men has sound and heat and is available in a variety of insertion speeds, from slow to fast or intermittent injections. Leten Excellent can also make sounds to make you feel more excited. Additionally, this product is capable of feeling more exciting. More excitement is generated by up to 38 times more heat inside the core, bringing a true sense of intimacy.

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Product Details:
Products Name: You Huang ll·Telescopic Cannon God
Product size: 271*98.5*85mm
Product material: The shell is made of ABS engineering plastic, high-quality silicone core, soft and elastic.
Battery: rechargeable
Battery consumption: 90 minutes
Charging time: 120 minutes
Features button operation: 5 buttons
Function: Telescopic
Vibration intensity bed: Level 3 constant vibration
Frequency: 7 FM
Power supply method: magnetic charging
Maximum noise: about 60 decibels

Features And Functions:
– Functions: indentation, sound and heating.
– Produces up to 38% power consumption.
– 3 speeds, 7 different frequencies.
– Power supply: adopts homogeneous rechargeable battery.
One-touch pause: It’s so comfortable that I can’t even ejaculate. Instant function, calm and continue, accelerate and lock the speed. 10
Three thrust modes: 3 and 7 frequencies, 380 thrusts per minute.
Real person temperature point: 360-degree annular temperature 39 degrees, in the center of the simulation channel
30 original voices: Hatano Yui/Takizawa Lola voice, with headphone jack.
At the entrance: more than 20 honey tongues wrapping around and licking. aisle
Center: A large area of workpiece with long particles.
Bottom of the channel: short granulations tremble the horse’s eyes and deeply stimulate sensitive areas.

Instructions for use Leten Excellent automatically with sound and heating functions:
– Please clean the silicone core with salt water or soap before use.
– You grease the catheter to make it smoother and then insert the catheter into it.
– control:
1. Press and hold the heating button (bottom) for 2 seconds to activate heating mode. There will be a red light signal. Wait 5 minutes for the silicone to warm up before use.
2. Press and hold the power button (top) 2 to turn the heating device on, then press the ▲ and ▼ keys once to change the indent mode to your preference.
3. Press the sound button (button next to the bottom) to make the machine sound. If you want privacy, you can plug in headphones, and the headphone port is mounted on the back of the device.

– Notice:
+ When the device battery is about to move, the red light will light up for 30 seconds and the device will automatically turn off. + while charging
, the red light stays on, and then starts automatically after being fully charged.
+ Device does not start up while charging.
+ Termination charging time is 120 minutes to avoid overnight charging.
– Clean product thoroughly after use and before storing.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 29 × 12 × 10 cm


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