Magic Motion – Kegel Second Generation Female Vaginal Ball Smart APP Postpartum Recovery Vaginal Trainer

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Smart Kegel Universal Ball is a smart Kegel trainer. Train your pelvic floor anatomy externally and gain new perceptions with this app. The Magic Kegel app helps you along by providing classes while also tracking your reproductive cycle. The included accessories help the Smart Kegel Master Balls stay in place better, and they’re rechargeable via a USB cord.

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Product Details:
Name: Kegel Master II
Weight: 58g
Size: 33x216mm
Material: food grade silicone
Charging time: about 1 hour
Continuous vibration time: 3
Battery: 3.7V200mAh
Antenna time: 180 days
Vibration frequency: 7200 rpm
Waterproof level: IPX7

Features and functions:
1. Offline force feedback training mode
Kegel training method based on micro force sensitivity technology
Users can perform force feedback training by removing the phone. Place the product in the correct position for pelvic floor resection training, and the product will give force according to the contraction of the resected pelvic floor2
, smartphone mode training
APP course guidance and data recording monitoring
To this end, we have specially designed and produced a corresponding mobile APP – Kegel Master to guide training. It is recommended to use the mobile App client for correct training recovery.

Features: Features
Skin-friendly touch, specially designed for you who are sensitive
Food-grade silicone, say no, provides a comfortable use experience, allowing you to recover with twice the result with half the effort!
Small and reserved, keeping little secrets
Technology is at your fingertips, and the hidden charging design allows you to charge magnetically, eliminating embarrassment, making it efficient, fast, and long-lasting.
Safe and waterproof, providing you with a reliable security guard
The entire body is IPX7 waterproof, and the seamless manufacturing process ensures safe use and no worries about microwave ovens.

The Five Main Systems of Kegel Care:
1. Rich master lectures, learn health knowledge at any time
2. Youth reward mechanism brings you an easy recovery process
3. Accurate data detection, super easy to change
4. Choose courses with confidence, the process will become boring
5. App voice communication and private tutoring provide you with services that are no longer considerate.

Instructions for use:
1. Turn on the device, turn on Bluetooth on your phone, and connect to the device according to the APP prompts.
2. Lie on your back, relax your body, and spread your legs shoulder-width apart, arching them at 90°.
3. Place the device correctly, facing upwards and without obstacles. 4. Follow the voice prompts.
Tip, perform pelvic floor exercises in a rhythmic manner.

Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 21.5 × 3 × 8 cm


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