Meese Mini Fully Automatic Gun Machine Retractable Female Masturbation Device

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The angle at which the top contacts the G-point can be adjusted as needed.
The angle can be fixed after bending.
316 high-frequency twitches per minute.

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Product Details:
Product name: Meese mini gun
Product material: ABS+silica gel
Maximum decibel: <55 dB
Waterproof level: daily waterproof
Charging time: 2 hours
Battery life: 60 minutes
Product size: 209*37*37 mm
Product color: apricot pink

Features And Functions:
Long-lasting foreplay awakens every sensitive part of the body.
High-frequency tremors, spring surges, strong contractions, deep into the vagina.
316 high-frequency twitches per minute, just for your moans.
High frequency stretching and twitching restores male sprinting.
Can be bent 360° at will, DIY customized G-spot angle.
Comfortable and soft, real skin feel, double-layer liquid silicone, delicate elasticity.

Instructions for use
1. Please ensure that the product has sufficient power before use.
2. Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on the phone and enter standby mode.
Telescopic mode: After turning on the phone, short press the telescopic key to switch the telescopic intensity/frequency.
Vibration mode: After turning on the machine, short press the vibration button to switch tensile strength/frequency.
Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn off the product, and short press the telescopic button + vibration button to restore the product.

packing list:
1*Mis mini gun
1*Charging cable
1*packing box
1*storage bag


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