Vaginal Contraction Kegel Ball Smart APP Female Pelvic Floor Muscle Exerciser

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Vaginal contraction Kegel balls – an intelligent training system customized for young women jointly developed by a number of pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation experts, gynecologists, and sexology training instructors.

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Product Details:
Product Name: Kegel Smart APP Remote Control Vibrator
Material: silicone/ABS
Waterproof level: IPX6
Size: medium 30X58MM (product body) total length 190MM
Charging voltage: DC 5V
Maximum charging current: 300MA

Product name: Wearable dildo vibrator
Model: Host + accessories
Dimensions (host): 86×34.5×30.5mm
Dimensions (accessories): 80×56.5x26mm
Weight (main body): 54.5g
Weight (accessories): 27g
Material (main body): silicone + ABS
Material (accessories): silicone + POM
Waterproof (main body): Waterproof grade: IPX7
Waterproof (accessories): Waterproof grade: IPX7
Battery capacity (main body): 250mAh
Usage time: 30 minutes < duration < 60 minutes

Dual engines inside and outside:
Two sets of powerful motors act on multiple sensitive areas inside and outside.
Can be stimulated simultaneously or sequentially to double the orgasm.
The inside is tilted up, and the groove surface is close to the G-spot sensitive area, causing bursts of numbness.
The external protrusions fit snugly and trigger the C-spot’s 8,000+ deeply sensitive nerves. 6000+ times/minute ultra-high-speed penetration.
Strong interactive experience:
The remote control is no longer just a tool. The two control methods + force feedback module meet the stimulation needed by each other on the spiritual level, making the interaction feel the same and full of surprises.
15m remote control distance, enjoy the fun of remote control
2 modes switching, control + normal control
Feeling feedback module, feel each other and resonate happily
“Prank” mode:
The twin engines produce unexpected vibrations when you push your finger in different directions and amplitudes. Inside, outside, strong, weak, swing at will. It also greatly increases the sense of sneak attack and participation.
Resonance mode:
When the force feedback system is turned on, the built-in motor in the remote control will resonate synchronously with the wearer, instantly knowing the other person’s true feelings at the moment.
Lazy mode:
4 types of intensity*5 types of frequency. Short foreplay or immersive exploration, free combination, each with its own frequency.
Detachable structure:
Cleverly deconstructed and restructured, the waterproof TYPE-C mouth-mounted body accessories meet the different needs of different groups of people; girls and women can have exclusive happiness anytime and anywhere.
Equipped with rich accessories:
Qingnan provides a variety of accessories to meet different usage needs in various scenarios. The soft line link has ample length, free trajectory, and more diverse gameplay.

Weight: 36G
Charging method: magnetic charging
Charging time: 90 minutes
Working time: 150 minutes

Features And Functions:
Let your love muscles dance in 7 days
Make your life more pleasant
first day
I tried to push the product gently into my body but it vibrated.
The third day
Connect the APP and try to use your muscles to control the speed of the bird and combine it with your feelings
fifth day
Vagina feels increased friction and tightness
seventh day
The vagina is much moister and he said it feels really different.

NOTE: Not recommended for inexperienced/menstruating/pregnant women.

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm


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